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UX Design Services

We provide UX research for enterprises that want to get to know their customers. Gather information on the behavior of your clients to elevate their experience interacting with your products and service

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The Only UX Researcher You Need

We provide UX research services to examine, evaluate and validate the business ideas you have. With user experience research you will get to know your clients, their pain points, behavior patterns, and the way of interaction with your website

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Get to know your users

We collect relevant information, provide analysis and documentation with results for you to better understand your client’s needs

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Identify existing issues

Uncover the underlying problems with provided data, and deal with weak points in order to better your service.

Set priorities in the development process

Draw conclusions from the analytical information we provided to structure your development process accordingly, in the most efficient and productive way.

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Implement suited solutions

Integrate provided insights and solutions to deal with challenges. Grab your potential, get rid of everything that hinders it, and scale your business today by better engaging your audience.

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Get results

Increase conversation rate, captivate your users, and make them stay and interact with your products and services. The better the user satisfaction level your business produce, the more sales your customer provide for you in return.

WarmDevs UX Research Services


Identify pain points in your project, better understand your business goals and form an idea into a tangible plan of action. Discovery research insights will help you determine the project scope and precise workflow with the right priorities and a suited development process

UX Audit

We provide results of comprehensive usability research of your existing project to help you understand the client’s behaviors and actions. With the results of an audit, you will get to know existing weak spots and issues, as well as potential solutions that will enhance the service you provide your users wit

Expert Consulting

As a UX research company we offer analysis, consultancy, and development work from scratch or from a particular stage in a project you need help with. We provide technical documents on analytics, present functional prototypes, and handle all types of complex tasks while making sure to find a personalized approach to each separate project.

Custom service

You are facing a problem, but are not sure you see an answer in this list? Contact our manager and we will make sure to come up with a solution suited precisely to your needs! Just share your project with us, and through collaboration, we will be able to find an approach fitting your business needs.

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Our UX Research Process

Development process phasesDevelopment process phases

Why Work with Warmdevs?

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Our team have a decade of experience and a motivation for constant growth. We work by SCRUM method, and we perfected our workflow throught the years. 


While keeping our services top-quality, we are also cost-efficient. If you have a tight budget and limited resources, our manager will make sure to help you find the best solution.

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We assess the workload realistically and divide the project scope into periods that provide certain deliverables by the end of each. We stick to deadlines and stay transparent about our work.


Aside from UX research consulting services, we provide assistance in other fields. Whether you need development work done, a marketing campaign or a UI design made suited to represent your company in an industry you work in, we got your back.

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We are a client-oriented and result-driven team of like-minded people. We focus on each task with the goal of finding a personal approach to each client, as well as working on developing our hard and soft skills constantly. With WarmDevs your project will be in good hands.

Consider Warmdevs as Your Trusted Partner

We are a UX research agency that has worked with various companies in a range of industries for years. We handle projects of different complexity, be that a one-page simple website to present an upcoming start-up, or an intricate web app with a combination of pages, custom motion design, and third-party integrations.

We provide research services to our clients to help them gather relevant and useful data on their users' actions, motivations, and satisfaction level. Not only that, but we also contextualize collected information and offered thought-through solutions that will resolve business pain points, provide opportunities to grow, and enhance customer experience. Request usability research today, and get clear answers to the strategic questions you have. Scale your business and engage your customers with the user-oriented experience they will receive while interacting with your services

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We were recognized by the DesignRush as a TOP B2B Web Design Agency in 2023. Here, we explain the process of our design stage

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How do I start UX research?

Providing user experience research services is quite a wide field and a relatively new one to pinpoint it precisely. This is why there is no one set way to become a UX researcher professional. Coming into the role is often tied to gathering experience from different fields, switching job positions, and even careers. There are some tips though that could be helpful. Study either technology or behavioral science to get a better understanding of the way technologies are used by users. Develop practical skills and gather real experience by completing projects. In this way, create your portfolio and grow your list of contacts by networking within the field. With these tips, you’ll be able to start UX research.

What does a UX researcher do?

A specialist that performs user experience research focuses on examining user motivation and behavior regarding products and services they use. The results of such research help to improve the satisfaction level from interacting with websites and apps, basing introduced solutions on performed analysis and providing useful data to designers and developers further down the workflow process.

How much does UX research cost?

The price of services provided by UX research consultants tends to vary a lot depending on the size of a project, the amount of work, and its complexity of it. The cost will also depend on the provider company, the size of their team, experience, and other specifics of their work. Usually, the price ranges from around $12000 to $20000.

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