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  • Webflow development
  • Webflow custom JS code optimization
  • Bug fixing
  • On-going project support
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About the Project

Ray Studios is a well-known French beauty salon with thriving branches in France, Belgium, and Spain. Ray Studios reinvents the tattoo removal experience.

They were recognized as the European leader in tattoo removal by GQ Magazine.

Challenges & Solutions



The client requested an upgrade in the website structure to match their brand-new UI design
We provided Webflow development and executed the designs provided by the client
The new Webflow website needed performance optimization and custom code integration
Our developer incorporated all the necessary updates, improving the performance and providing cleaner code
The client needed an additional version of the website for the Spanish audience
We created a new version of the platform in Spanish

We’ve Used

Ray studios Client
Pierre Lecat
Cofounder & COO | Ray Studios

We are happy with WarmDevs's ability to deliver all the new pages and required features. The team finishes work on time and communicates well with us through Zoom and Slack. Their resources offer great UI/UX improvement suggestions to improve deliverables further.


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In each project, we divide workstreams and determine milestones. Then we identify competencies needed to fulfill the tasks, calculate the work time of each expert, and approve everything with the client. After signing the contract, we allocate a separate team for the project. The project manager directs and supervises the process; he is the contact point for the client.

Project scope

Webflow development
  • Webflow development
  • Deployment
Custom code optimization
  • JavaScript integration
  • SEO optimization
  • iOS version optimization
Bug fixing
  • Addressing QA reports
  • Fixing issues
Ongoing project support
  • Dedicated developer
  • Long-term assistance

Webflow development

Our client had a specific request to update their existing Webflow website, and they had a clear vision of what they wanted. They understood their target audience well and maintained consistent branding throughout. Ray studios provided us with new UI designs, and our team took care of the website speed optimization services, seamlessly integrating the new visuals into the website.

A new version of the website was created for a Spanish-speaking audience, using the provided design as a foundation. This approach allowed the client to connect and engage with the market effectively. The collaboration with the client ensured that the updates were precisely aligned with their objectives, resulting in two well-crafted websites tailored to their distinct target audiences.

Custom code optimization

What are website optimization services? To start, we improved the custom Webflow JavaScript code to enhance the website's performance. This approach allowed for smoother user interactions and faster loading times.

In response to the client's request, we implemented Webflow animations that added interactivity and visual appeal to the website, enhancing the overall user experience.

Recognizing the importance of SEO website optimization services, we utilized the materials provided by the client to update the website's SEO elements, such as robots.txt and sitemap.xtml. This optimization aimed to increase the website's visibility on search engines and drive organic traffic over time.

You may ask: can SEO services really rank my website? The definitive answer is yes, and after 6 months of the updated Ray studios website being online, their organic traffic grew from 400 to 2400 users.

The efforts put into the digital presence resulted in a website that looks great and performs optimally, providing the client with an improved online presence and enhanced user engagement.

seo on webflow
How traffic grew in a year: report from Ahrefs
Ray StudiosRay Studios

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Bug fixing

QA testing is handled by the client’s team, so whenever there’s a new report for a bug or issue, they provide us with notice. The Webflow bug fixing itself is the part that handles our developer, working through every issue upon the client’s request.

Our developer is ready to assist if the client needs to implement a new webpage or re-work existing blocks.

Ongoing project support

As of 2023, project implementation and ongoing support continue to be the main points of focus of our work with Ray Studios. We received the request for the project in February 2022. Upon signing a contract with the client, we worked on the website, implementing all the agreed features, and successfully finished the initial task.

Today, the project is still open as our team continues to provide ongoing support for Ray Studios. The client has a dedicated Webflow developer ready to assist when new ideas and requirements come up.

Since we started to provide Webflow support, it has been a fruitful endeavor, where both parties thoroughly enjoy smooth collaboration.

Delivered Value

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  • Within 6 months of the website usage, the organic traffic grew from 400 to 2400 unique users per month. 
  • The new website has an optimized structure and clean and organized Webflow custom JavaScript code. Both web and mobile versions now perform as well as the other. The issues with displaying the website on iOS were successfully resolved.
  • The website got an additional new version in Spanish for the Spanish market.
  • A dedicated developer is always ready to implement new features upon the client’s request, as our team continues to provide ongoing support.
Ray studios Manager
Spartak Vaskovsky
Project manager | Warmdevs

A great client and a solid partnership. We established our cooperation right away, without any hitch, and it has been smooth sailing ever since.

The client is very engaged in the process and always brings up more fresh ideas about improvements. It is always interesting for us to keep working together, helping move the project forward and bring ideas into reality.

Considering this project is not closed but is still ongoing, our team is always happy to provide any necessary support.


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