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Wordpress to Webflow migration for an Investment company

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About the Project

Altan Insights provides data and quantitative analysis to help collectors and businesses navigate the emerging collectible asset markets. 

Built on top of the industry’s most comprehensive database of alternative asset sale and transaction information, Atlan Insights data platform empowers investors and financial services professionals, and collectible market stakeholders to research, monitor, analyze, and understand the value and market dynamics of coveted physical assets. 

Their coverage universe includes collectibles, art, memorabilia, cards, wine, watches, gems, sneakers, cars, coins and more.

Challenges & Solutions



Create a modern UX/UI design according to the client’s brand look
The new website has an updated design according to the requirements
Migrate the website from WordPress to Webflow
The website was successfully implemented with the new Webflow functional
Provide custom feature development with the connection of integrations
3rd party integrations were implemented on the platform, and user profiles were optimized for use
Update SEO strategy and provide extensive assistance with marketing efforts
Set up SMS and e-mail marketing with Mailchimp Webflow integration, which helped the client achieve their promotional goals
Altan Insights Client
Ryan Segal
Head of Product | Altan Insights

Warmdevs team was understanding our needs, tackling simple changes quickly and accurately, designing pages that work on desktop and mobile, implementing our mockups, and creating new designs


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In each project, we divide workstreams and determine milestones. Then we identify competencies needed to fulfill the tasks, calculate the work time of each expert, and approve everything with the client. After signing the contract, we allocate a separate team for the project. The project manager directs and supervises the process; he is the contact point for the client.

Project scope

UX/UI design
  • Customer journey map
  • Site map
  • UX/UI design
Webflow development
  • Webflow development
  • Deployment

Bug fixing
  • QA reports
  • Fixing issues
Ongoing project support
  • Dedicated developer
  • Long-term assistance

UX/UI design

Our team had a task of developing the UX/UI design for the new website that would correspond with the company's brand look and client's requirements. A it stands, the process of developing such visuals is a meticulous and multifaceted process. It involved an exploration of the company’s brand identity, examining their values, mission, and visual elements, as well as overall tone of the brand. Our designer collaborated with the client in Figma, providing prototypes and intterations upon the client’s review.

Thorough comprehension of the client's specific needs, goals, and target audience gave us the necessary vector of how to approach building the visual style for this website. Our designers delved into the company’s existing branding materials beforehand, explored provided style guides, and market positioning. The designer than developed a design concept and first web page designs in Figma.

We collaborate closely with the client, engaging in discussions and feedback to comprehend their vision better. These conversations are crucial in understanding the client's expectations, preferences, and long-term goals for the website. The client was able to leave feedback directly in our collaborative Figma space, to comment upon specific elements implemented in the new design.

It's essential to balance the aesthetic appeal with the functional aspects of the design. Our focus fo UX was create an intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures visitors can easily navigate the website and find the information they seek. We also thought through our approach to the UI design: the visual elements, layouts, color schemes, typography, and interactive elements. All harmonised with the company's brand guidelines.

Striking the right balance between the company's brand identity and the client's requirements was crucial. The final design should not only been visually appealing but also effectively communicate the client's message and meet the needs of the potential users. We made sure to create a digital presence that would serve as a powerful tool that resonates with the target audience and helps the client achieve their goals.

Altan InsightsAltan Insights

Site map

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Wordpress to Webflow migration for an Investment company
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Web development

The migration of a website from WordPress to Webflow, coupled with a custom design and multiple third-party integrations, was our developers' task in this project. Webflow, renowned for its design capabilities and CMS integration, offered a versatile platform to build upon. The migration process involved transforming the Figma designs into a fully functional platform with updated and optimized functionality.

Webflow's intuitive interface allowed developers to translate our custom design mockups into responsive, pixel-perfect layouts. Leveraging Webflow’s extensive design features, we could recreate complex design elements in detail, ensuring that the migrated website retains its visuals and user experience.

We integrated certain third-party services and tools into the Webflow environment to enhance the website’s functionality and user engagement. These integrations included Jetboost and Airttable to implement an advanced search within the platform.

Our developers also used a combination of Webflow and Memberspace to implement authorization and authentication features to let users sign up, log in, and out of the platform, enhancing data protection. This feature was recreated from the previous version of the website on WordPress upon the client’s request. We also updated user profiles, optimizing them for custom editing by users.

To ensure the website looks uniformly, our developers moved the WordPress blog to Webflow as well. Webflow's robust CMS capabilities empower site administrators to manage content effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface simplifies content updates, ensuring that the website remains dynamic and up-to-date without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Our specialist provided extensive assistance with marketing, requesting our developer to add a mailing list to Webflow. We reviewed a number of SMS marketing platforms for IPO alerts, announcements, promos, and more. Among the assessed tools were Community, EZ Texting, and TextMagic.

Another correspondent step was Webflow MailChimp integration. For the client’s marketing campaign, we optimized Zapier and MailChimp services. Upon new members signing up, they will now receive a welcome e-mail. Among other features, we’ve implemented the website to provide a pop-up image when the link is shared via SMS or social media.

Webflow’s flexibility allows developers to seamlessly embed these services, ensuring a cohesive user experience while maintaining the website's performance and security. Providing mobile compatibility for previously not working embedded social media buttons was also among the tasks we’ve completed.

Overall, upon the WordPress to Webflow website migration service we provided, we were able to implement the approved design, as well as enhance the website’s performance, responsiveness, and overall user experience. We established a solid foundation for the client’s online presence.

QA & Bug fixing

This was an integral stage in the development of the website to ensure its correct functionality and smooth performance. We made sure the user experience met the desired standards and that all features worked properly.

A separate step was figuring out how to fix SEO issues to improve Google search. We solved the problem with the Webflow open graph Twitter card (now the X platform), where the client was concerned with images not showing the links. Our specialist worked to resolve the issue and improve the website’s ranking, which was achieved.

During QA, our tester meticulously examined the website. The process involved identifying, documenting, and addressing issues found. Developers worked closely with QA to understand the problems, fix the underlying code, and conduct further testing to confirm the resolution. 

Effective bug fixing was crucial for ensuring the website’s reliability and building trust among visitors. This step contributed significantly to the overall success and credibility of a website.

Deployment & Support

When the design and development stages were completed and the issues were probably addressed, we undertook the deployment process. We utilized the most efficient practices and tools to minimize potential downtime and errors. This preparation allowed the website to go live smoothly.

Once the website was live, ongoing support became imperative for our team. This encompassed various aspects, including technical assistance for the client. After the website went live, organic traffic gradually started to increase, and the number of pages continues to grow, enabling audience engagement. In 2023, the traffic grew from 200 users per month to 7100.

Organic traffic growth for Webflow website Altan Insights

We continued troubleshooting technical issues and guided the client through the website's functionalities when needed.

Delivered Value

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  • With a new SEO strategy, within the first five months after the website upgrade, organic traffic increased by 17 times or by 239%.
  • The company reached its targeted ICP by 93%.
  • Optimized data protection for the website with set user profiles, adjusted it’s functionality for optimal use.
  • Set up a successful e-mail marketing campaign.
Altan Insights Manager
Jane Maksimchuk
Project manager | Warmdevs

We were happy to deliver an updated, beautiful website for the client. I always strive to ensure our team provides quality results that meet a client’s expectations, and this project was no different. Great collaboration with the client, great results. Overall, it was a cool experience we’d be excited to repeat in the future!


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