Web design and Webflow development for Koverly

Project volume
900 hours
Team size
4 people

Delivered by WarmDevs

  • UX/UI design
  • Webflow development
  • 3rd party API integrations
  • QA and bug-fixing
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About the Project

Koverly was founded by financial technology experts to redefine international and local payments for small to medium size businesses (SMBs). The first platform to combine foreign exchange and credit into a single, easy-to-use online payment tool. 

Koverly’s platform saves businesses on hidden foreign exchange and online payment processing costs and provides private credit resources to help companies maintain healthy cash.

Challenges & Solutions



Upgrade an outdated design according to the requirements and style guide of a FinTech company
We provided the services of our senior web designer with the most experience and qualification
Help the client stand out among the market competitors
We created a blog page and developed functionality for the calculation of the user benefits
Optimize the user flow and collect information on users that plan to sign up in the app or already did so
First, we implemented a hidden form to collect the data even if a user hasn’t completed the registration process; second, we migrated the FAQ section to the new website
The client wanted to incorporate functionality that their competitors use on their respective platforms
We analyzed platforms developed by the competitors and created functionality and features that solve similar problems with the use of third-party integrations
Koverly Client
Aimee Cronin
Vice President | Koverly

WarmDevs has successfully delivered high-quality work on time, meeting our expectations. They have communicated frequently and responded to feedback promptly via Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet. Their insightful attitude and fast delivery approaches are hallmarks of their work. The team is very resourceful in using tools that enable remote collaboration.

WarmDevs is very communicative, responsive, and quick to revisit elements we decided need to be reworked. They provide insightful feedback to help us determine the best approach. They work fast, with new features often finished within days and simple updates completed in 24 hours or less.


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In each project, we divide workstreams and determine milestones. Then we identify competencies needed to fulfill the tasks, calculate the work time of each expert, and approve everything with the client. After signing the contract, we allocate a separate team for the project. The project manager directs and supervises the process; he is the contact point for the client.

Project scope

  • Business analysis
  • Analyze competitors
  • Collect relevant data
  • Provide similar solutions
UX/UI design
  • Re-design of an outdated website
  • Create new UX structure
  • Developer fresh UI look
  • Optimize according to corporate style
Web development
  • Webflow development
  • Create CMS for blog page
  • Migrate FAQ from another platform
  • QA and bug fixing
3rd party API integrations
  • Use RapidAPI to embed third-party apps
  • Create Log in form
  • Incorporate Get a demo form
  • Create calculator functionality with custom JavaScript
  • Connect GitHub to performance optimization
  • Connect HubSpot to schedule Zoom meetings


This wasn’t our first time working with the client: we created the first website for them about a year ago. Eventually, they came to us with the request to make a re-design to upgrade the existing platform. They had particular competitors in mind and a specific market image they wanted to achieve with the new website in the fintech industry. The client also expressed an interest in enhancing user experience but simplifying the user flow. It was also crucial for the client to develop the new website on the Webflow platform, as it would streamline the managing process after the launch.

Improving marketing efforts was vital, so we suggested adding a Blog page to the website. The client can develop traffic to their platform through regular updates and SEO optimization. 

We performed a concise business analysis to evaluate the websites of the client’s competitors. In this way, we could determine the critical functions they offer and implement the best market practices into presenting our client’s services on their own platform. After the project scope was agreed upon, we signed the contract and moved on to development.

UX/UI design

With the new UX, the main priority was to improve and simplify the user flow. We created a structure that guides users directly to services and makes all information easy to access with straightforward navigation and comprehensive data visualization.

The client requests a re-design of a previous version of their website. The goal was to create a clean-looking, simple, professional presentation that would visually guide users through the client’s services. The services should have been presented in a comprehensive, easy-to-grasp way to make users engage with the product quickly and with no hustle. It was also essential to consider the client's niche — FinTech and create UI that will correspond with the industry’s current trends. We also needed to ensure the new interface design fit the corporate brand style. We made two versions of the design, and once the client was happy with the visuals, we moved on to the technical development part.


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Web development

We developed a website on the Webflow platform, incorporating low code solutions to improve the client’s experience managing the website after the launch.

We created a Blog page for the new website. The use of CMS pre-developed by our team will make updating, editing, and managing the continent an easy and smooth process for the marketing team. We’ve also migrated the FAQ section to the Support page on the website. It will be more convenient for the client to handle and retain traffic on their platform instead of sending users to a third-party service.

We connected several third-party integrations and optimized APIs for stable performance.

Once the development was finished, we executed QA tests and incorporated necessary fixes according to bug reports. We launched the website live and handed it over to the client, providing them with an explanatory video on website maintenance. Of course, we also offered after-launch support to supervise the whole process and help with any hurdles.

3rd party API integrations

Several third-party integrations was the core part of the website’s current functionality. We used RapidAPI service to connect an app that would provide the data on currency pairs presented on graphs and calculators, which users can interact with. We customized the API according to the client’s request to show specific data types. We also used custom JavaScript to build the calculator integrated into the website. We used GitHub to store imported code here. The goal was to prevent processing overload and avoid a decrease in performance and a drop in the loading speed, which GitHub helps to solve.

Among other features, we integrated the authorization form on the Login page to connect the website with the client’s app. We also created a Get a demo page with Hubspot, where the user can schedule a Zoom meeting with the client, registering through an integrated calendar. The website also has a live support chat powered by Intercom service.

We optimized all third-party applications for compatibility and smooth performance on the website.

Delivered Value

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  • The website migrated to the Webflow platform that incorporates low-code solutions
  • Streamlined user flow for better user experience
  • Modern UX/UI design that depicts the client’s brand much clearer and more presentable
  • An engaging website that presents the client as a professional business on the market among the competitors
  • A functioning calculator on the website to for the calculation of users’ benefits
  • Blog page to improve marketing efforts with CMS to simplify client’s experience
  • Migrated FAQ section from a third-party platform to the website, so that the client can improve user’s retention rate
Koverly Manager
Spartak Vaskovsky
Project manager | Warmdevs

The client brought a clear vision to the table. We made sure to help them refine their ideas and bring the best out of the project. This wasn’t our first time working together, so it was great to get a chance to collaborate again.


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