Retail Software Development Services

WarmDevs team of expert developers and designers brings you software development services for finance. We specialize in creating robust and reliable web applications and coming up with innovative solutions that are specifically tailored to your business and company needs

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Benefits to software development for a retail business


digitalize your company, modernize your business and reduce operating costs


improve customers' experience and help them become more engaged with your services


make use of custom features like shopping carts and payment systems


increase your sales and ROI with the help of Points of Sale (POS) implementation


get accounting software for your business with our development services for the retail industry


make use of additional services and improve your digital marketing game to promote your business and attract new customers

Retail software development services at Warmdevs


Business analysis

Determine what features from a digital product your business actually needs! We perform extensive work and analyze your company to create a full document with technical requirements you'll be able to provide as guidelines for developers


Build online marketplace

Our developers and designers create a custom platform for your company. We design personalized storefronts with slick UI and functional UX and integrate systems for payment and order processing. Any additional third-party API integration we can provide to improve your website's functionality


Modernize legacy software

Tired of your shabby old website? WarmDevs will help you modernize your business! Our retail software development company will build a new platform for you and make sure a new web app exactly matches your needs. With a new advanced architecture, you'll get access to improved functionality, and with a fresh design and easy-to-navigate menu, your customers will surely take a deeper interest in what your company has to offer


Integrate CRM systems for retail

With the CRM solutions, WarmDevs provides you'll be able to streamline your business processes and keep track of sales and financial transactions. Get hold of order management and in-depth data analytics. Improve the efficiency of your customer database management. We’ll make sure to simplify your workflow as much as it’s possible!


Incorporate Point of Sales (POS) solutions

Our software development services for the retail industry will provide you with a digital product with implemented purchase transaction options. We'll integrate POS solutions for your software that will make payment processing on your website smooth and quick


Custom retail software solutions

Have a custom request? We are retail software development service providers with an agile approach and a mix of flexible tools. This approach enables our professionals to fully customize each web app we produce. Let's work on yours together!

Technologies We’ve Used

WarmDevs provide services of software development for retail using innovative tech solutions to help you disrupt the industry. Our team has vast experience in working with various programs, such as Webflow, Alpine, Svelte, Magento, React, Figma, Laravel, and TestRail














React JS



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Warmdevs development approach for the retail industry

The retail software development services we offer have a certain sequence of steps that ensures a successful outcome


Business Analysis

In the initial stage, it's vital to collect and review all the information a client provides about a future project. WarmDevs experts analyze business needs and existing pain points. We come up with an extensive document, that in detail describes technical requirements for a digital product according to a client's needs. 


Setting up

We review the scope of work, and once everything is agreed upon with a client, we make an estimation of software development cost. After all the details are finalized, we present a contract, that both sides review and sign. 

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Choosing experts

We handpick members for a team. Depending on the amount and specifics of work ahead, we assign a certain number of developers, designers, and managers, to make sure we proceed in the most effective manner.

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Efficient management

The secret to the productivity of our workflow is the SCRUM system. We separate the work process into epics, user stories, and sprints. Such a system helps us keep track of the progress made and ensures we keep in sight the remaining tasks.

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Designing and developing

Our designers create eye-catching and functional UX and UI designs for software, and our developers work their magic to assure the product runs well and performs without a hitch. We present deliverables to a client regularly, keeping in touch through Slack on daily bases. We also make sure to incorporate a client's feedback and edits into a product until they are completely satisfied with the end result.


Software deployment

When all the features are implemented and all the quality tests are performed, we make final tweaks to clean up a product from bugs. Once a digital product is finalized according to all parameters, it goes live! From here, users have access to a final website.



After all the hard work it's time to take a moment to appreciate the end result!


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What are the most in-demand development services for fintech?
How much does the website cost?
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Payment systems are among the most popular ones. Platforms for investments and savings are growing in demand at a rapid pace. In recent years a broad interest also gained cryptocurrencies and tech on the blockchain, like smart contracts and digital wallets, that handle financial transactions.

What custom financial software development can you get?
What is the timeline?
plusplus activeminus

A wide array of development services that use leading-edge technologies, from mobile financial apps coded from scratch to third-party integrations on your website and the use of specialized APIs. It all depends on your company's needs and the services a provider offers.

How to pick the right financial software development partner?
Could you describe the communication process?
plusplus activeminus

Since financial software deals with sensitive information, it is essential to make sure web apps are secure, robust, and work without hiccups. The development services provided need to be suited to your business needs. It's important to look up a company's expertise and adherence to fast-changing financial regulations.


How to create an online presence for a retail business?

We live in a digital world, and being on the internet certainly helps a business to be successful. A retail company will benefit from a website, custom-built to meet a company's specific needs. That might include customer authorizations, integration of a shopping cart, processing of payment details, and digital marketing to promote a business's service and increase its ROI.

Which development services for the retail industry a business can get?

There are many options available for a retail company, which helps improve a business's online presence and customer engagement. From developing a web app and collecting analytics on your business paint points and data on your target audience to building an online marketplace with third-party integrations.

What retail software solutions can a company provide?

From creating a simple website to building a web app with the implementation of solutions such as build-in databases to collect and store customers' data, and third-party API integrations for financial transactions.

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