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We are Webflow professionals with warm hearts. We acknowledge that businesses are made by people, for people. So, we make it our mission to build solid, warm relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues. We believe in keeping it real and being there for one another.

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In the year 2022, we have become one of the three companies in Ukraine officially recognized by Webflow. What is so great about that we discuss it in more detail in the following article.
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Learn about our ups and downs in establishing Warmdevs. This is a personal story about how childhood dreams shaped adult choices. One choice was to make business more than just a tool for earning a living. It also became a source to serve our community and facilitate the IT education of our youth. We realized that following the inner calling was what made our life much happier and more fulfilled.
Taras Kornichuk
"I'd do it better!"
Have you ever said this to yourself?
It all started in school. I was bored in classes, listening to the teacher drone on and on about formulas and theories. I thought that learning everything by playing a computer game would be so much better. I saw such a game in my head. The virtual world beckoned me, and choosing a university major was simple. I went to learn programming.

But things were no different there. I was sitting in lectures, listening to yet more theory, scribbling down notes, and fighting to stay awake. I waited for the day we would finally start creating, but it never came. After two years of treading water, I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to learn programming by making games rather than writing after the professor.

I threw a post at the university forum: "Wanna make games? Join me." To my surprise, many students responded. I realized I was not the only one bored, and our first team was born. We were so excited to make games, and soon, we got our first $1,000 order! However, the more orders we received, the more I became disappointed with what we were doing. Our games took up users' time and money but did not teach them anything meaningful. I began to question why I was doing this work.
I decided to join a big company in search of more inspiring projects. It was an excellent opportunity to do more meaningful work and learn from a great leader. However, I couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling that the company only cared about one thing: money. Employees were treated like resources; a "just business" attitude left me feeling empty inside. I wanted more than just a paycheck - I wanted to work with people who cared about each other, shared my values, and were keen to positively impact the world.

One day in a sauna, I shared my dream with my friends. I said that I wanted to work in a warm, family-like atmosphere where people could thrive and feel supported. A friend tossed wood into the oven and said: “So make your own ‘’warm” company!” And that's how Warmdevs was born.

We started small - just four of us - but we've grown to a team of 35 and completed over 400 projects for clients from 26 countries. And the best part? We've attracted employees and customers who share our values and views on life. Honestly speaking, I never go to the office. I go from home to home.

The other day, I opened a spreadsheet where we collected customer feedback and saw the most common response to the "What did you like most about working with us?" - it was “warm communication.” At that moment, I realized that I'd achieved my dream. It's not about the money or the success - it's about creating a community of people who care about each other and their work.
Look at our flag. We like it!
Does this like our logo? No? Oops
Sometimes we need more heads than one
Cooperation is key
We even have a happiness manager
Start a band? Easy
It's not a white screen, it's a clear scrum process
But seriously, we are proud to be Ukrainian
Our boss is very huggable
Meet you at the balcony
Boardgames? Always!
Ma, look, I'm hiking!
Excited to be me
Book a call to see these guys
Can you guess that we love winter?
Did you hear the last joke?
No dresscode party
Our PMs, managing your projects
Devs in their unnatural habitat
Find the duck. It's our friend.
Lost in the Carpathian mountains
Just follow my lead
Who are you cheering for?
Cold weather, warm company
Sometimes four heads are just better!
That's what our work-life balance looks like
Brains behind Warmdevs!

I could’ve stopped here, but
Life has a way of taking unexpected turns.

War erupted in Ukraine, bringing shock, obscurity, and fear. Fear for our country and colleagues who lived in areas bombarded by artillery and rockets consumed us. But it also brought a desire to be part of the resistance, part of the battle, part of the victory. We decided to work harder and donate half of our profits to soldiers on the front lines and refugees. We also committed to rebuilding destroyed hospitals. These efforts led us to create our own charitable foundation, NowkoloUA (meaning "Around Ukraine"), to facilitate our ongoing work. We plan to expand our charity initiatives and develop the educational project I have dreamed of for many years.

These difficult times have brought our team closer, giving the company's philosophy more meaning. We have faced incredible challenges together but have emerged stronger and more resilient. It took four years of hard work and one war to realize that the story was just beginning.
Taras Kornichuk - Founder & CEO

Meet the Core Team

Founder company Warmdevs
Taras Kornichuk
Ihor Chalapchi
Ihor Chalapcii
Andrew Maksimchuk
Head of Sales
Iryna Kutsevalova
Marketing manager
Jane Maksimchuk
Project Manager
Spartak Vaskovsky
Project Manager
Olena Romanyuk
Happiness Manager (HR)
Iryna Kutsevanove
Oleksandra Skrypnyk
Financial Manager
Photo company humans
Olena Piskova
Business Analyst
Banjamin Veniamin
Benjamin Orlovskyi
Head of Design
Illay Lunha
Illya Lunha
Webflow Developer
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Mark Kozyk
Web App Developer
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