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Offshore sub-contractors that do the heavy lifting for your company

About Us

WarmDevs is a network of people committed to creating positive impact through design and strategy. We believe the world can always use more fairness, equity, and compassion. We can help you get online as long as you share our main goals.


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Offshore sub-contractors that do the heavy lifting for your company

Our clients are agencies and studios that work with end-clients. We provide teams or talents to deliver turn key projects or some specific parts of it.

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Our Values


We are warm and humane

Do you like when it's cold? We neither! We're trying to bring more warmth to this world, by doing our best in webdev. One of our core values is a deep respect for every human being and mostly all projects.


Growth by 1% daily

We got this from Lean (know Toyota?) and we totally agree! You gotta be better tomorrow because if not - you'll end up being worse, and Japanese will eat you alive. Those guys wont wait until you start being efficient. They are getting better everyday.
So we are trying to improve ourselves and everything around us non-stop.


Result and Responsibility

No excuses, responsibility only! We are result focused in every way possible. We always try to charge for result, not for hours.

Our Team

Andrew Maksimchyk

Sales Representative


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Taras Kornichuk


Ihor Chalapchi

Delivery Director

Kostia Dmitriev

UI UX Designer

Jane Maksimchuk

Project Manager

Andrew Maksimchyk

Sales Representative

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