Business Analysis Services in Web Development

WarmDevs are business analysis service providers that bring clarity to your ventures. Our experts help clients to evaluate a company's objectives, define clear goals and estimate the scope of the project. Our services shape your innovative ideas into comprehensive business plans

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Business Analysis at WarmDevs

We offer you professional BA services to help your company increase operations efficiency

Makings plans

WarmDevs helps you to evaluate your project in detail, enhance the ideas you already have, and formalize it all into a proper comprehensive plan. Our team provides you with extensive documentation, specifying the exact features and technical requirements a project needs

Saving time

And with the business analysis and consulting we provide, you'll be able to save time and increase your productivity going forth into the software development stage. Everything your project needs we estimate and formulate for you

WarmDevs professionals have vast experience in BA processes:

business process management

system management and logical structure designing with the use of UML

data mining, market research, competitor analysis

data visualization and prototyping through Notion, Lucidchart, and Miro systems

Our Business Analysis Services

Business analysis is an initial and essential step in the web development process. Business analysts collect information and perform market research, necessary in order to determine the core features and values a digital product must have. Such data analytics allows to determine pain points and find solutions, enhancing clients' creations

We present approved requirements to designers, developers, and QA testers as a set list of tasks, that details features and implementations. Business analysts supervise the project execution to manage client requests through every stage and support developers' work

Techniques our business analysis services company executes

  • - Benchmarking and market analysis
    - Data mining
    - Documentation administration and management
    - Data modeling
  • - Mind mapping
    - Process analysis
    - Prototyping and visualization
    - Use case analysis
    - User story analytics

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WarmDevs Business Analysis Approach

We provide business analysis service through several main stages that cover the whole process in-depth


Collecting data


Collecting data

- Gathering background information from a client
- Performing market research and accumulating new data
- Analyzing competitor platforms that have similar value to a client’s project to identify the main features
- Analyzing potential strategy options for implementation and development
- Presenting a plan to a client and establishing the main groundwork
- Clarifying and agreeing on a project's scope


Managing the requirements


Managing the requirements

- Elicitating the core digital product navigation system to present a logical structure of a future product as a technical task
- Analyzing created plan and assembling a list of detailed features
- Formalizing final results into technical documentation
- Communicating with a client to discuss presented solutions and get a final approval
- Establishing a set plan for a project's evolution and validation as a solution
- Planning the development process through creating diagrams and data management systems like mind maps and information tables


Project implementation


Project implementation

- Participating in all the processes of workflow regulation
- Communicating with developers and QA testers in order to clarify all the details and questions that appear during the implementation stage
- Keeping in touch with a client and updating requirements according to their requests
- Updating processes and project documentation according to modified requirements
- Business analyst services and support throughout the whole project execution process

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Our Expertise in Providing Business Analysis Services

Any company that needs modern software solutions or web development implementations at some point finds itself in need of getting in-depth business analytics done, and that is true for a company of any size in any industry. We do not shy away from any niche ventures, as our business analysts are capable of providing proper business analysis services based on years of experience and dozens of completed projects behind their backs

We provide consulting services and reliable research  and most of all assurance

Business analysis is a base that the whole software development process stands upon, so it needs to be solid. We are not You will be able to work with developers further down the road without a hitch. WarmDevs has experience working with a range of industries, providing business analysis services to companies of any scale

Industries we focus on

WarmDevs works with different companies, from startups to major enterprises. Our development team is here to create healthcare IT solutions personalized to every need

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What does the business analysis process consist of?

Throughout the BA process, analysts perform an in-depth evaluation of the company's operations and determine opportunities for improvement and growth. Business analysts also provide full detailed documentation with technical specifications necessary to undertake a new project. For example, a full list of requirements and a table of features to provide developers and designers with in order to build custom software for specific business needs.

What is the purpose of the business analysis session?

During a business analysis workshop, a professional team gathers information about a company that requested service, performs industry research, and determines core ideas and plans for potential improvement. After approval from a client, a business analyst prepare full documentation, specifying every requirement to proceed into further implementation and development of new projects.

What are business analysis services in web development?

Business analysis is a vital stage that needed to be performed before getting into web development itself. Developers and designers that are going to work on a project will need technical requirements to understand what features and integrations new software must have. Business analysts provide a client with extensive research of their company, industry, and needs, formalize all the documentation with clear tasks for developers and supervise the whole process to make sure a client's needs and requirements are met efficiently.

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