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Need a proficient Svelte developer to build your next web app? Look no further! Our team of experts specializes in creating fast, engaging, and efficient web applications using this versatile compiler. Whether you're starting from scratch, assembling a team, or need to upgrade an existing digital product, we've got you covered. We’ll help you find a perfect fit in no time!

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Why recruit with Wamdevs

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Access to specialized skills and expertise

Your in-house team was gathered to solve your main challenge: building your primary product. Sometimes it means there’s a small gap in expertise that needs to be filled temporarily but no actual need for a new full-time staff member. That’s where outstaffing comes to the rescue. Our devs have a deep understanding of Svelte and can help you develop high-quality web applications with this framework. This can be especially helpful if you don't have the expertise or if you're looking to add to your existing team to handle a project.

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Reduced recruitment time and cost

Outstaffing can be a cost-effective option, as you only pay for the developer's time and services. You don’t have to worry about providing benefits, office space, equipment, and other things necessary for a work process. You can just hire Svelte developers in a way that is convenient to you. This can help you save money and stay within your budget. Besides, there’s no need to filter through dozens of resumes trying to guess whether they would be a good choice or not. We’ll search the candidates according to the requirements you provide and present to you only experts that would fit your goals.

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More project control and flexibility

Outstaffing allows you to scale your development efforts up or down as needed when you need it. You can easily add, change or remove developers from your team without the costs, time, and risks that naturally come with creating full-time Svelte jobs. Especially when it comes to unplanned cuts that are hard to predict sometimes. This can be especially helpful if you have a project that requires a lot of work, but you don't want to commit to hiring a full-time team.

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Lesser employee turnover

You won’t have to hire from the street. We picked and tested our developers’ skills through years of practical work, where they had plenty of opportunities to work on real projects and apply their knowledge. We’ll provide you with an expert you need with the assurance of their expertise and skills. Without you worrying about re-hiring other people and spending more on the process itself.

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Improved scalability and adaptability

Outstaffing allows you to scale your development team up or down as needed. You can easily add or remove developers from your team without the costs and risks associated with hiring and firing full-time employees. This can be especially helpful if you have a project that requires a lot of development work, but you don't want to commit to employing a full-time team. You can simply hire js developers for the period you need without worry.

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Outstaffing provides a lot more flexibility when compared to traditional models. With such services, companies have an opportunity to adjust their staff size and skill set as project requirements change. This can help businesses avoid many losses involved in recruiting, training, and onboarding new employees. Fewer headaches — more results.

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Cost savings

When you hire svelte coders as outstaff,  it can be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee. Companies can save on benefits, office space, and other expenses associated with maintaining an in-house workforce. So if you are on a tight budget or just really have no need to commit to long-term expenses, why don’t go outstaff?

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Access to a hand-picked talent pool

We only recommend people we are confident in. We’ve interviewed and hand-picked developers with solid skills. Our experts have years of experience, knowledge of Svelte, and additional tools to get your project done. You also won’t have to worry about integrating them with your in-house team. Each of our devs is a Svelte pro as well as a good communicator that, without issues, cooperates with other professionals.

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Focus on core business functions

Outstaffing allows companies to focus on their core business functions without having to worry about the administrative tasks associated with recruitment and human resources. That’s the goal: you let your main group keep their eyes on the prize and focus on the primary task at hand. We’ll help you handle everything else.

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Faster time-to-market

Working with an outstaffed Svelte js developer can help you speed up the development process and get your product or service to market faster. Svelte is a fast and efficient framework, and a skilled developer can use it to create high-quality web applications quickly. Such a member can be an invaluable addition to your existing core staff. So why not take advantage of it?

How it works

Ready to start your project and find Svelte developers for hire? Let us find you a perfect match so you can start right away! It’s a simple process that requires the following steps.

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Is this service for you?

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Startups or small businesses that need to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and have tight deadlines and limited budgets would benefit from hiring a Svelte dev greatly. The Sveltejs developer will be able to build a product quickly and efficiently.

Digital agencies

Companies that provide web development, design, and marketing services to their clients need skilled developers to deliver quality projects. Svelte simplicity and performance make it an attractive choice for these agencies.

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Busy in-house teams

Businesses that are looking to update or redesign their existing web applications to improve performance, user experience, or visual design. As well as companies that are developing internal tools or applications. An experienced Svelte developer will be a great addition to the team.

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Svelte benefits

Here are some of the benefits that businesses can expect when using Svelte for their web development needs:

Faster time-to-market

A unique approach to web development allows coders to build and deploy applications quickly. This means businesses can release their products and features more quickly, giving them an edge over competitors.

Reduced development costs

Svelte.js efficiency and simplicity make it an attractive option for enterprises of all sizes. With fewer lines of code needed to create web apps, there is much room to save on production costs.

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Improved user experience

Performance optimization features make it possible to create new digital products that load faster and run more smoothly. Of course, you can guess exactly what it means: greater customer satisfaction and retention.

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Increased productivity

A streamlined work process allows devs to work more efficiently, resulting in faster development times and improved productivity.

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The modular architecture makes it easy to adapt to changing business needs and market conditions. This means businesses can swiftly respond to changing trends and demands.

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Lower maintenance costs

Svelte is a reliable framework. This means fewer bugs to fix and less maintenance required. This results in lower maintenance costs over time.

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Improved brand reputation

It’s fast-loading and high-quality. When you launch products like that, it will lead to increased brand reputation and competitiveness in the market.

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Better SEO

Svelte performance optimization features can improve a website's load time and user experience. As a result, you gain better search engine rankings and improved SEO.

Svelte developers’ expertise

Some relevant skills our devs bring to the table:

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Proficiency with Svelte and JavaScript

A strong understanding of JavaScript is essential for any Svelte developer, as it is built on JS and relies heavily on its syntax and features

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Familiarity with reactive programming

Since we work with a reactive framework here, it is essential for developers to have experience working with reactive programming concepts like state management, events, and data binding.

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Solid knowledge of HTML and CSS

While Svelte focuses on the JavaScript layer of web development, engineers should still have a good understanding of HTML and CSS in order to effectively style and structure their apps.

Experience with other web development frameworks

Experience with other web development frameworks helps developers understand the similarities and differences between them and Svelte.

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Debugging and testing skills

Strong skills in this area are important for any professional, but they are especially crucial for Svelte devs due to the reactive nature of the compiler.

Familiarity with web performance optimization techniques

Svelte design prioritizes performance and efficiency, so coders should have a good understanding of web performance optimization techniques like lazy loading and code splitting.

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Strong problem-solving skills

Our developers are able to solve complex problems efficiently, both on their own and as part of a team.

Collaboration and communication skills

As with any project, cooperation and communication skills are important for us to work effectively with your team members.


Looking for a full-package kind of deal? With pre-determined, clearly defined terms of services? We got you! Choose the plan that works for your workflow with these comfort packages.


Recruit a Junior Svelte developer to join your project.


Need to step up? A Middle Svelte engineer will help you.


A complex task needs the expertise of a Senior Svelte dev.

All packages include:
  • Dedicated Svelte developer to assist your team
  • Available within 48 hours
  • B1-C1 level of English
  • Part-time or full-time — according to the needs of your project
  • Junior, Middle, or Senior dev, depending on the experience you seek
  • Tech stack includes Svelte, SvelteKit, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Webflow, Firebase, Autocode, Github, Gitlab, Supabase, Sanity, Swagger, Stripe
  • Reasonable prices and competitive rates for high-quality work

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How can I ensure that a Svelte developer is a good fit for my in-house team and company culture?

To make sure a Svelte developer is a good fit for your team and company culture, try giving them a small project to work on or having them pair the program with someone on your team. That way, you can see how they work and communicate firsthand. During the interview, ask them about how they work with others and their ideal work environment. And if you have any doubts, listen to your gut — you want someone who has the skills and meshes well with your team.

What kind of projects is Svelte best suited for, and what are its limitations?

If you're looking to build a fast and responsive single-page application or progressive web app with complex interactive features, Svelte might be the way to go. It's known for its high performance and minimal bundle sizes, making your app load lightning fast and smooth. However, remember that Svelte is still a relatively new framework compared to more established ones like React and Angular, which means its ecosystem is still growing. Its documentation might not be as comprehensive.

How can I find experienced Svelte developers to hire for my project?

There are a few ways to go about it. You could post on job boards like Indeed or Glassdoor or try using freelance platforms like Upwork or Toptal. You could also search social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter for relevant hashtags. Remember to be clear about what you're looking for and provide a detailed job description to attract the right candidates.

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