Web Application Development Cost: What You Should Know Before Development Process


Web application development cost

How much cost, what to look for, why you need it, and how to proceed with the information. So you want to figure out web application development cost? The thing is, there is no single answer, as the price varies in a wide range and depends on several factors.

What exactly influences the web app development cost? There are several things that play into formulating the final price. Knowing them will help you get an idea, of how much you might need to spend, and where you could perhaps cut the expenses and save some money.

The complexity of work

To decide the price of the web app is to decide the complexity of its production. It is mainly determined by the list of features that needs to be implemented. Different features have different levels of complexity, which means the combination of them leads to a certain amount of hours a team will need to spend on development.

For example, building a simple Home page with navigation, visuals and descriptions could cost around $1,500 in itself. Developing a complex system like internal search or custom-made payment systems could go up to $7,500. More features will add up in work hours for developers and in the final cost. If you are on a tight budget, it’s better to decide, which functionality is essential to your website, and set on a few quality ones.

Web application development process

3rd party API integrations

Integrating 3rd party apps can also be a difficult process. There is a matter of compatibility, as different APIs can be written in different languages. Various CRM tools like Hubspot will be a great tool for a whole marketing team, but it needs to work correctly in accessing and storing information and managing the work with customers. There are also various currency convertors, SaaS platforms, and digital wallets – the list of popular APIs goes on.

Business branch

The web application development cost estimation will also depend on the business niche you are in and what staples for web app development are. Web apps for the financial industries, for example, can go quite high in price, as software needs to meet a certain level of security. The servers need to be as reliable as possible, online financial transactions should work without a hitch to ensure the safety of sensitive information.

Development companies that specialize in a certain area have a lot of experience in dealing with a certain type of web app and could be of great consultation and service. But for this exact reason, the cost could go much higher too.

UX and UI design

Visual representation is a core part of brand image, presenting a company online, and an integral part that plays in digital marketing. The cost of developing a web application will depend on whether you are comfortable with using templates and pre-made designs. This option will cost much cheaper, although a unique UI design and a custom robust UX architecture would greatly improve users’ satisfaction with a website. Fully customized designs are more costly but worth having if there is a budget to spare.

Delivery time

Urgent work always costs more. And flexible deadlines mean a more reasonable price. It’s better to place an order in advance, as it will help you cut some cost of web app development. There is also much more time to plan a marketing campaign leading to a web app launch. But keep in mind, that the number of hours of development will determine the price too. A simple website could take around a month to complete, and a complex web app could take up to 6 months. A simple landing page made urgently could take around two weeks. Do keep in mind though, that developers have an hourly rate. 


How much does it cost to build a web app is very much determined by the development process. This is the part that will cost the most, as it is the integral one. All features need to be implemented onto the framework, and 3rd party software integrated correctly. There is a part of optimization and QA testing that is important for a web app to run smoothly. Whether a web app will have a custom backend, or whether it is a landing page that only needs a frontend, will influence the price too. Is it a full stack situation, or does a company use low code solutions and work with frameworks that simplify the development? All the aspects that will play into the cost.

Service providers

Companies with no portfolio and no reputation will cost less but it is a gamble. Professional companies cost more, but they can assure a certain level of quality and references from previous clients. So how much does it cost to build a web application with a certain company? Depends on their experience and the region a company operates from. Professionals from the US cost more: on average an hourly rate varies in a range of $100-200. And same-level devs from Eastern Europe for example will take around $40-60 per hour for the same quality of work delivered. There is a good opportunity to cut costs while not neglecting the quality.

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How to Calculate the Cost of Creating a Web Application?

To calculate the precise cost of web application development, the best option is to pick a company and get a direct consultation from their representatives. The development process does not take only developers to complete, there is a whole team of project managers, designers, developers, QA testers, business analysts, marketing specialists… 

It is good to determine which services are you interested in:

  • Business analysis
  • UX and UI design
  • Development and testing
  • Software deployment
  • SEO services
  • Digital marketing

You may have an existing design and only need specialists that will put it into code. Or you are starting from scratch and need help from business analysts and designers as well. Deciding on this aspect will get you a more clear idea of how to approach and negotiate the price.

cost and process of web application development

Cost to build a web app

There are no solid numbers when it comes to the web app development price. changing depending on case by case.  The rough estimation looks like this:

  • A simple landing page will cost you around $3,000 - $7,000.
  • A basic web app with a concise list of features that require around 100 hours of work will cost around $10,000 - $20,000.
  • A web app of average complexity with improved features for user interaction, that contains more pages and have 3rd party integrations will go up to 200 hours and $20,000 - $60,000 in price.
  • A complex web app with a unique design and animations, integration of user management systems, and complex APIs will go up to 300 hours and $60,000 - $250,000 in cost.
web app development price

Web app development cost estimation

So how much does it cost to develop a web app? To determine that you will need:

  • Gather all requirements for a web app
  • Get a consultation from service providers of choice
  • Estimate a cost

Precise estimation is what is discussed in the initial stages of negotiations with the service provider company. It is best to first look through your option of development agencies, study their rates and portfolio, and get in contact with their manager. In this way, the risk of getting uncomfortable surprises during the development decrease greatly.

The best you understand what main goals you want to accomplish with a web app, the better you will be able to communicate your needs and negotiate the prices. This is exactly why we came up with this article.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of factors when it comes to estimating the average cost of web app development. The price varies in a wide range of $10,000 and up to $250,000, and all depends on the functionality and delivery time a web app will have. It is all very personal, which is why we hope this article helped to understand in what direction to go. Which services to get first, and where you could cut the price to save some budget? There is no answer universal to everyone, but with the information in this article, you can gather a general idea of the spending you might face.

web app estimate

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What is the average price of a web app?

The cost of a web app varies starting from $10.000 to over $250.000, depending on several factors, like a list of features, amount of hours the development takes, and the development company rates.

What a budget for web app development needs to be?

A web app of medium complexity and a decent amount of features can cost around $20-50 thousand. The price can be negotiated with a dev company, and the cost can be cut lower if you are willing to postpone implementing some features.

What is the cost of web app developers' services?

Hourly pay for web app developers usually depends on the country they live in, the company they work for, and the professional experience they have. On average, for web devs in the US, the cost varies in the range of $100-200 per hour. In Eastern Europe, the same specialist takes around $30-70 per hour.

What is the cost of web app developers' services?
What is the cost of web app developers' services?
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Hourly pay for web app developers usually depends on the country they live in, the company they work for, and the professional experience they have. On average, for web devs in the US, the cost varies in the range of $100-200 per hour. In Eastern Europe, the same specialist takes around $30-70 per hour.

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