How Much Does It Cost to Build a Webflow Website?


How much does Webflow cost?

Webflow is one of the most popular and wide-used frameworks for building websites on the market. It is a flexible tool with a comprehensive editor tool that allows the creation of appealing and engaging platforms for businesses to present products and services online, starting a professional blog, or an e-commerce website. Webflow is accessible for creating SaaS products comfortably without neglecting practicality.

What the available plans are and how do they differ? Which one do you need? Picking the one that is right can be a challenging task. To help with that, we created this article to serve as a guide. Let’s figure out this topic together.

Advantages of Using Webflow to Develop Websites

Advantages of Using Webflow to Develop Websites

Comprehensive visual editor

Instead of spending time on complex technicalities, Webflow offer a simplified way of designing websites. The editor is visual an intuitive, in a way where you move around elements which are coded for you, can be placed wherever on a canvas and used in a way you want them to use. Webflow makes its services accessible for designer without needing to understand coding part of creating websites.

Easy to create responsive websites

Webflow makes optimization for different devices look easy. You just need to create a desktop version than click a few buttons, and your mockup will convert for tablet and smartphone formats. Very convenient.

CMS as pre-made design templates

Basicaly, you create one design and then use it for as much pages as you want. Very useful for blogs, where the website owner can just update it on their own whenever they need. You put content you need, each time different, sure – but the basis of a page structure, its design stay cohesive. 

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Webflow Plans for Sites

So you might want to jump straight to deciding on an average cost of building a website using Webflow, but the answer is not that definitive. The price of services varies and depends wholly on the amount of features you need. For example, Webflow plans for sites are Starter, Basic, CMS, Business, and Enterprise.

Let’s explore the cost to develop a website using Webflow and features that come with it.


  • Free
  • Provides only default Webflow domain
  • 50 items are available for a CMS database
  • Includes 1 GB CDN bandwidth monthly
  • A limited option, but a great way to test the waters


  • $14/month paid yearly, or $18/month paid monthly
  • Core features to create a simple website
  • Custom domain is an option
  • 50 GB CDN bandwidth monthly


  • $23/month paid yearly, or $29/month paid monthly
  • An option for a blog, or a content-oriented platform
  • 2000 CMS items
  • 200 GB bandwidth monthly
  • 3 guests can have acces to edit content in the editor


  • $39/month paid yearly, or $49/month paid monthly
  • An option for marketing websites
  • Custom domains are available
  • 10000 CMS items
  • 400 GB bandwidth monthly
  • 10 guest editors can be included


  • The cost is discussed personally
  • High level of security and compliance
  • Custom domain
  • Custom bandwidth
  • Guest editors are customized
  • Includes  Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Webflow Plans for E-Commerce Websites

The cost of building a website using webflow for e-commerce sector goes higher bit by bit, but also offer more advanced features suited for stores and sales. There are 3 plans available.


  • In this package the cost  is $29 per month if paid yearly, or $42 per month if paid monthly
  • An option for small businesses
  • 500 items available , like e-commerce products, categories and variants
  • Includes some of CMS plan features
  • 2% is charged for transactions by Webflow
  • Includes $50 000 annual sales volume


  • $74 per month if paid yearly, or $84 per month if paid monthly
  • An option for bigger businesses
  • No transaction fee
  • Includes some of Business plan features
  • Includes $200 000 annual sales volume


  • Cost of creation a website using Webflow here jumps to $212 per month yearly, or $235 per month monthly
  • Includes 3000 items
  • No transaction fee
  • Includes all of Business plan features
  • No limit on annual sales volume

Webflow Plans for Workplace

In this section the cost to build a Webflow website is defined not only by features, but also by a general category. There are two of the, one is for in-house teams, and the other one is for workspaces.


This is a great option for collaborating teammates and teams of various sizes, as well as freelancers that work on their own.


  • Free, even though limited
  • Good option for freelances handling several projects
  • Includes only 1 seat
  • 2 unsorted sites canbe build with this package


  • $19/month yearly, or $28/month monthly
  • An option for productive collaboration of small teams
  • Custom codes, HTML exports, and CSS files can be added
  • Dynamic content can be created with these features
  • 3 seats
  • 10 unhosted sites
  • Includes billing permisions 


  • $49/month yearly, or $60/month monthly
  • Suited for growing teams
  • Custom codes and code export available
  • 9 seats
  • Unlimited unhosted websites
  • Includs billing permissions
  • Includes customized publishing permissions


  • The payment is discussed personally
  • Includes enhanced security features, as well as the most advanced performance and support
  • Customized code available, as well the addition of exports
  • No limits to seats
  • No limits to unhosted websites
  • Billing permissions are customized
  • Publishing permissions can be added and changed as well

For freelancers and agencies

The cost of building a Webflow website in this category is a bit lower on average, and the options here are well suited for agencies and freelancers that cooperate on projects with their customers.


  • Free version, even though limited
  • 1 seat is available
  • You get 2 unhosted websites on Webflow.io domains
  • A great option for those getting to know Webflow


  • $16/month yearly, or $24/month monthly
  • Up to 3 seats are available 
  • 10 unhosted websites on Webflow.io
  • You get full CMS access
  • A version well-suited for small teams


  • $35/month yearly, or $42/month monthly
  • Up to 9 seats are available
  • Unlimited unhosted websites on Webflow.io
  • Full CMS access
  • You can customize publishing permissions for a team’s members
  • A good option for growing teams

Tips to Choose the Right Webflow Plan

When considering which plan to choose, do not take in mind only the possible cost to build a website with Webflow. There are vital requirements to consider aside from the budget to spend. Among those are your business needs, the type of your company, its size, and needs.

For those who are not sure about these parameters, the free plan is a suitable way to start. You can test the basis the framework offers and decide which features you need to unlock your full potential.

Final Thoughts

In a general overview the Webflow site plans are presented in an appealing light, as the platform offers a truly diverse array of offers. There are different options available for individual creators, agencies, and businesses of varying sizes. Each type of user can find something useful, practical, and efficient for their needs and goals, for an appropriate price of services.

There is also a free plan, which is very convenient for anyone who’s thinking about trying out Webflow for themselves. It is a great platform with a plethora of possibilities for designers and developers, individuals and companies.

WarmDevs — Your Trusted Partner to Create a Website

An average cost to develop a website using Webflow goes as little as $2000-10000 for small business platforms, not to mention that this framework could save budget money for e-commerce companies and bigger businesses as well. It is flexible, convenient, and resource-efficient, if you hire professionals to handle the development of your project.

WarmDevs has a decade of experience providing Webflow website development services, starting from simple one-pages to complex web apps with backends and integrated third-party API. Entrusting the development of your website to us is ensuring a personalized approach and a custom product as result. We build websites that are responsive and robust, and we can’t wait to collaborate on the project with you!


How much does Webflow cost?

There are a lot of different Webflow pricing plans depending on features provided in various packages. There is a Starter pack that is free, and paid options start at $14 per month, with the most expensive Advanced one being at $212.

What are Webflow pricing plans?

These are a range of packages provided by the Webflow platform that offer a different set of features available to the framework users. The cheapest paid option starts at $14 monthly and includes a basic package. For more advanced options the price varies in the $16-200 range.

How many Webflow site plans are there?

The platform provides 5 website plans, which include Start, Basic, CMS, Business, and Enterprise. The features offered and prices for their use vary, so there is a suitable option for everyone.

How many Webflow site plans are there?
How many Webflow site plans are there?
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The platform provides 5 website plans, which include Start, Basic, CMS, Business, and Enterprise. The features offered and prices for their use vary, so there is a suitable option for everyone.

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