Smart Contract Audits

WarmDevs provide smart contract audit services for startups and enterprises. We review your code, identify bugs and risks, and offer consulting on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency operations security

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Smart Contract Auditor

We provide flexible services for a variety of industries. Our experts perform smart contract audits for B2B and B2C businesses and companies of all sizes and niches.

We work with DeFi, NFT projects, DApps, and various blockchain and crypto-based softwares. Whether you need Solidity or Ethereum consultation – we got you! We’ll make sure your digital product is secure, robust, and reliable to make your launch as smooth as possible

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Save your money by negating the risks of costly technical issues

Get a professional review for your software

Receive personalized analytics on a smart contract, including risk, issues, bugs, and vulnerabilities of the system

Get a consultation from experts to receive relevant solutions and advice on implementing them

Receive formalized reports detailing everything from specifications of a contract’s design and architecture, to the list of identified issues and suggested changes to fix them

WarmDevs Smart Contract Audit Services

Software security audit

Receive an extensive smart contract audit that offers a look into the code, shines a light on bugs, and security breach risks, and provides a full assessment of the software you use. Blockchain projects introduce transparency and swiftness of operations and transactions for DeFi systems. But since such transactions are not retrievable companies risk losing their resources without a chance of retrieval should they be stolen. Avoid costly mistakes by getting timely reports on your system’s performance

Business security consultation

As a smart contract audit company, we provide consultancy on web security for companies that implement blockchain-based products into their systems. Our team provides testing, audit, and verification through detailed analytical reports on the technical aspects of digital products. We can guide you through understanding business pain points, and assessing weak spots in your software based on gathered requirements and information. Our professionals will offer new ideas on feature implementations and recommend practical solutions based on your specific needs

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Warmdevs Blockchain Consulting Approach

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What will I Get From the Audit?

An audit of smart contracts provides a client company with an extensive analytical report as a formalized document, that includes all specifications and identified issues. The such report consists of

A detailed list of detected vulnerabilities and security risks, as well as recommendations on how to optimize software to fix these problems

Extensive analytics on bugs that were discovered in the contract

An overall review of the code, an assessment of its functionality, and fuzz analysis based on manual diagnostics performed by our experts

Get a conThe information offered from auditing smart contracts provides suggested solutions to implement into existing software to negate found issues and optimize existing code in order to update and enhance the performancesultation from experts to receive relevant solutions and advice on implementing them

Consider WarmDevs Your Trusted Partner

WarmDevs is a smart contract auditor with professionals on the team that experience in blockchain technology and crypto projects. We have experience working with popular networks, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Tezos, Flow, and Tron. We are a dedicated team that focused on finding a personalized approach to each client, assessing the needs of a business in their specific industry.

We guide you through the whole process of development, from business analytics to software deployment. Performing consultation and security audits we always make sure to deliver extensive reports and appropriate solutions. You will get quality services that are affordable, customized, and timely. With us, your Web 3.0 product will get a boost in security and performance, while you stay updated every step of the way

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How much does a smart contract audit cost?

On average such services will cost in a range from $5000 up to $15 000. The price charged could go even higher for the most complex tasks and extensive smart contracts, depending on the difficulty and the size of the software. The best way to pinpoint the necessary budget is to get a personal consultation from a provider of choice since different companies offer different prices.

Do you need to audit a smart contract?

Yes, that would be the best choice. Since smart contracts often deal with sensitive information and financial assets and transaction, any small security breach could result in major losses for a company. Smart contract audits provide in-depth analysis of software, any potential issues, and vulnerabilities, and provide a detailed report on found bugs and suggestions on possible solutions.

How to choose the best smart contract auditor?

The first thing to look for is companies’ portfolios. You can check their finished projects and read the reviews. Good companies often provide case studies, where you can find an overview of challenges they faced during project implementation, as well as solutions implemented, development work done, and additional services provided. Such information should provide a good idea of the technical skills of the professionals you are about to hire. Good service providers also offer consulting for their clients, so it is a good idea to get in touch with their representatives directly.Reviews will also help to form an opinion on a company’s reputation. Whether their clients are pleased with their services: technical skills, deadline commitment, price of services, communication with a client. An audit from a good company will be an involved process including a personalized approach to a client, a customized report, and detailed specifications and analytics document. There should be a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities, bugs, issues with code, and identified problems with software, as well as provided solutions for fixing potential exploits.Solid professionals could need a higher budget, but it all depends on the company. It is always best to pay experts a fair price to assure the quality of services you receive, then get involved with scammers.

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