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Expert NFT Developers

WarmDevs is an NFT marketplace development company with a flexible approach and client-oriented mindset. We have blockchain experts on our team that specialize in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tezos, Flow, and Tron networks. We work with FinTech and DeFi companies, and cryptocurrency projects in a variety of industries. Whether you want to launch a startup or plan to scale your business, we’ll handle a project according to your needs and goals, adhering to necessary requirements and providing relevant ideas

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Design & Development

As an NFT marketplace development firm we build custom platforms according to the business needs of a client. We work with several networks, have a solid knowledge of token standards, and have experience with building smart contracts. All technical knowledge necessary to ensure quality blockchain-based product delivery

Testing & Maintenance

Developed software we scan for bugs, troubleshoot for operational issues, and inspect for security risks. We eliminate all technical problems, ensuring effective performance and compatibility with third-party integrations

Audit & Consultancy

We provide smart contract development as well as consultancy for clients to offer information on the performance of their technology. We provide a formalized technical report and suggest potential solutions and improvements

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Industry Solutions We Deliver

Content creation

We offer white-label NFT marketplace development services to artists, musicians, and other creators to provide a solution for turning art and content into non-fungible tokens for selling to collectors and traders

Gaming sector

NFT games offer an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while playing and transfer acquired funds to digital wallets. Such marketplaces also provide a secure and transparent way of trading in-game assets

Trading platforms

Buying and selling a variety of NFTs such as tokenized digital art is possible with custom marketplaces. Discover a wide range of tokens available for transactions.

Real estate

Virtual spaces can be turned into NFTs and presented on marketplace platforms, which allows potential buyers to explore presented options and bid on properties.

Warmdevs Blockchain Consulting Approach





First important step is to gather the requirements for the project. We discuss with a client their needs and expectations of a product, provide consultancy on the business and technical sides of platform development, and estimate existing materials that are provided by a client. We offer the most efficient option according to a client’s resources, goals, and requests





Based on collected requirements and restrictions, we explore our options. We develop potential solutions to ensure an efficient implementation with relevant features. We present to a client our ideas and propositions with a view of presenting NFT marketplace development solutions suited to their business needs.





We assign the right experts to the team to provide developing services for the NFT marketplace project. Our team works on a basis of a previously established project scope. We divide the process into milestones, presenting deliverables by the end of each period to show a client work-in-progress stages and intermediary results.





Our QA experts check the functionality, and performance of the product, getting reports on any issues that are fixed right away by our developers. At this stage, we make sure the product’s prototypes are tested and adjusted as necessary to guarantee operational capability before the platform goes live.





When all the development work is done it’s time to launch! We make sure the release of a product goes smoothly and without a hitch, overviewing the deployment of a brand-new NFT marketplace.

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Our Engagement Models

Committed team

We have experts in a variety of fields ready to be assigned to work on a project. Once a client approves a project scope and we decide on all requirements and features in need of implementation, we gather a team of professionals with suited hard skills and tech experience to complete an NFT project

Project-based approach

WarmDevs provide NFT marketplace development service on a project basis, delivering exactly the task that is relevant to a client’s specific goals and requirements. Our developers work on projects of varying scale and complexity for a range of industries and business models. We make sure to provide a client with relevant NFT solutions that are concise, resource-efficient, and effective.

Outstaffing service

If a client’s team has a need for specialists with certain tech stack knowledge, WarmDevs can help solve this issue. We provide developers according to a client’s requirement to work on a project in collaboration with an in-house team. We assist clients in filling the gaps in their teams to assure the smooth development of the best NFT products.

Blockchain expertise

We provide NFT marketplace development on such blockchain networks as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tezos, Flow, and Tron. We work with DeFi and FinTech industries, offer customized solutions for blockchain products and cryptocurrency-based projects, smart contract development, as well as provide consultancy.

Flexible approach

We base our workflow on flexibility and agility, providing regular deliverables, sticking to deadlines, and incorporating innovative solutions tailored to each specific client’s needs. With WarmDevs a client can always be sure to acquire a quality NFT marketplace.

WarmDevs is Your Trusted Partner

We are NFT marketplace developers with solid experience in working on blockchain-based projects. With us, you will get development services that are timely and cost-efficient. We assure top quality of our work at all stages of the project and provide you with a functional, feature-reach NFT product that is secure, functional, and reliable. You’ll be updated and involved all the way, as we keep the communication with our clients regularly to provide updates. No matter the industry and company size, WarmDevs will help scale your business with a custom NFT platform suited exactly to you

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What is an NFT gaming platform?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, a unique digital asset stored on a decentralized network. Buying an NFT means purchasing ownership of one of such assets that are of limited quantity. For gaming platforms, such tokens can be in-game assets, which can be traded between gamers securely with blockchain. This also allows withdrawing earned cryptocurrency and turning it into real money.

Can a game be NFT?

Yes, certainly, and it has certain benefits to it. Non-fungible tokens (NFT) for games can represent various in-game items and assets, such as collectibles or in-game currency. In NFT games users can purchase such assets or sell them, as well as exchange cryptocurrency earned in a video game and withdraw it to a digital wallet. Blockchain technology as a basis provides additional security and transparency to any transactions.

How much does it cost to make an NFT game?

Several crucial factors influence the cost of development services, and as such may vary a lot. It can start at $2500 for the design cost, and go up to $16 000 for the NFT game development. Depending on the complexity of the project, its size, the features implemented, and the size of the development team, it could go even higher, up to $60 000. The requirements of the product determine the price, so the best way to know the proper estimation is to get a consultation from a provider.

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