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WarmDevs is a metaverse development company with expertise in creating blockchain-based products to scale businesses in any industry

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Metaverse Developers

Make use of our metaverse development services to create an innovative space for your users. An interactive and immersive virtual environment based on decentralized networks offers a new approach to online activities. We provide metaverse development solutions custom-tailored to your business and industry. With a great range of integrated functionality and improved features, a metaverse technology implements a widened range of services such as NFT gaming and cryptocurrency trading. Powered by blockchain technology, a metaverse platform built by our developers will assure new perspectives for your business to grow and expand

Warmdevs Metaverse Development Services

Professional consultation

We provide expert consultation for metaverse app development services, helping you define your business goals, turn ambitious ideation into a practical plan, and provide all technical documentation you will need further for the successful development of a platform. We are not only able to provide you with a market analysis to determine the most effective development strategy, but our metaverse developers create MVPs to test your idea as a prototype

Decentralized platform development

We have solid experience working with decentralized networks and blockchain-based products. Our team will provide you with an engaging website to present an immersive experience of your virtual space to users in the most exciting way possible. We assure the technical quality of the features we implement into digital products, as well as provide additional services to enhance functionality that scales businesses and helps ideas grow through technology

Third-party Integrations

Our developers possess solid knowledge of a versatile list of tools and hard skills working with different tech stacks. We expand the functionality of a digital product by integrating various third-party APIs. Our team optimizes the development by building custom metaverse products and adding value to the system by introducing a widened range of operational tools and features

NFT marketplace development

NFTs go hand in hand with metaverse, and we make sure get the best of both worlds! Introduce smart contracts, crypto wallets, and trading spaces into your decentralized platform. Provide an interactive gallery of NFT to your users and engage them with a virtual environment you provide even more. Decentralized products can incorporate multiple blockchain-based solutions and make everyone benefit from its functionality greatly, both businesses and users

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Warmdevs Metaverse Development Solutions

Immersive events

Our metaverse programming services offer you a virtual space in metaverse to gather people together. Now social events can be held online, in a virtual encironment with an immersive experience. Concerts, ceremonies, parties – make them innovative, accessible, and engaging

Virtual galleries

You can present digital art in an immersive and creative way – build a new way of presenting art through a metaverse gallery! Incorporate tokens, NFT marketplaces, viewing rooms and virtual exhibitions to further engage your users


Make medical services a brand new expreience through a metaverse environment. Incorporate AI integrations and blockchain decentralized network with our metaverse development service to enhance patient care and clinical services and elevate them to a new level.

Real estate

Launch a virtual marketplace for customers to get house tours and bid on available lots. With third-party integrations of smart contracts, tokenization and cryptocurrency, you bring the service to a Web3 innovative and immersive level.


Secure marketplace, transaction mechanics and payment systems are at your disposal with the development of a metaverse project. Allow your customers buy physical products or services, as well as digital assets, through a reliable virtual platform.


Immersive experience of virtual environment is the most engaging to users, which makes media, entertainment and gaming industries the perfect fit. Hold community gatherings, present creative contect and build virtual rooms around your idea, and allow people dive right into it.

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Business consultancy

The metaverse software development services we provide for enterprises include researching and validating ideas brought to the table. We analyze a client’s business needs and the market relevant to the future product to make sure all features approved are relevant and efficient.

Professional team

We have 40+ experts on our team with 10+ years of experience and 150+ completed projects. Our developers possess solid hard skills and tech knowledge to build successful metaverse projects.

Flexible approach

We work with a range of industries, keeping our engagement model agile. We research each business we provide product development for, and we assess a client’s requirements, market competitors, and industry staples relevant to a digital product. Our team makes sure to provide implementation only of features that will be impactful for the client’s business.

On-time delivery

A project’s scope is defined and set after the discussion with a client. We separate the workflow into sprints with set intermediary deadlines and deliverables provided for a client at each stage. Regular updates are provided, and the work amount is clearly defined and controlled, which in turn allows us to stick to the deadlines religiously. 

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What is metaverse development?

Metaverse development provides the creation of decentralized virtual spaces that offer users interactive platforms for a variety of activities. It’s a blockchain-based product that provides an immersive experience with innovative games, NFT marketplaces, VR meetings, and more. A number of businesses already started implementing metaverse platforms.

How much does it cost to create a metaverse?

The cost is varied a lot and depends on a range of variables. This includes a client’s requirements that determine the complexity of a project, the timeline needed for the development, the size of the developers team, and so on. The cost generally starts at $10 000 and goes up, and how much “up” is determined by a metaverse project, the industry, platform features, and such.

How do you create a metaverse website?

Creating a metaverse website is an advanced task, and one must first be versed in web development, web design, and Web3 technologies. A developer must have knowledge of the relevant tech stack to create a metaverse using JavaScript. It is a blockchain-based product, a virtual website or app with an immersive experience for users, that usually offers some capacity of NFT gaming, cryptocurrency trading, or other blockchain-based services integrated into a platform.If you do not possess hard skills and relevant professional knowledge, the best solution will be to contract a metaverse development company. Professionals as such provide consulting and custom development services, relevant to each type of business and industry separately. 

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