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Create a web store & take orders online

We help you sell on and offline. Create a free webshop
to begin taking orders over the Internet, and get a powerful
Point of Sale App to manage your entire operation
from your phone.

One mobile point for all your sales

Sell more

With economic pressures being felt far and wide, we’ve pulled together some resources that we hope can help you and your buSimple. Intuitive. Elegant. An all-in-one POS app with everything you need to sell in store, online, and everywhere in between.sinesses adapt to this new environment

Turn your phone into a Point of Sale System.
Barcode Scanner
Use your phone camera as a barcode scanner.
Online & Offline Ordering System
Offer customers a stellar shopping experiences both in store and online.
Designed with Webflow Templates
Create custom receipts with your business information and logo.
Mobile Point of Sale

Manage better

We want you to be able to get more things done no matter where you are. So, we've built tools to help you do just that.

Reports & Analytics
Take the guesswork out of managing your business and make more informed decisions on the go.
Unlimited Products
Keep products organized, categorize them, assign barcode, and track quantities sold each day.
Inventory Management
Reduce the chances of human error. Inventory levels are updated automatically when an order is placed.
Customer Profiles
Build longer-lasting relationships by understanding customers purchase habits and engaging with them in store and online.
Multiuser System
Create multiple staff accounts and track their activity. Use staff permissions to limit actions and keep sensitive information safe.

And keep customers
coming back

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers or build stronger connections with current ones, Kyte is designed to help you offer a stellar customer experience on the go or on the counter.

Online Catalog
Reach customers anywhere with a free website for your business.
Digital Menu
Save money and time. Offer customers a new way to place orders directly from their smartphone.
House Accounts
Offer customers more convenience and boost sales with the ability to let them shop now and pay later.
Layaway Program
Create your own layaway program and increase sales during the holiday season.

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